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At pivotal moments in life, when a need for outer change conspires with your inner need to grow, you have a choice – stay as you are or go in and go up.

upwards is a series of 40-day processes for your inner work. Each day learn to find beauty in the imperfections and growth in the challenges. 

In the space between who you have been, and who you are here to become, is gold.

upwards can be purchased individually or as an entire series.
Designed to complement one another, begin with the program you need most.

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Click into each module for a comprehensive overview.

You will receive:
• 40 daily practices and perspective shifts
• Audio meditations and teachings
• Access to a highly-curated library of teachers, resources and pure gold
• Invitation to a private Facebook group for support and community
• Lifetime access to all content

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying upwards – truly!  I started with lookUP. I’m taking notes, taking all the links, listening to your audios (BEAUTIFUL ).  You are very smart, knowledgeable and profound. There are lots of passages/messages that speak to me and I need to hear so I really look forward to working through the entire program.

Penelope B.

A quick note to say thank you so much for all aspects of you that you have put into creating upwards.  I am already finding great ease in answering, devoting and creating life. Starting with growUP and my tired ego resisted a little, ultimately I am sure it was the right one to start with.

Nina S.

It’s really F*#(ing good. It took me a minute because the program started on very busy days. Much like the old zen saying, the busier you are the longer you should meditate. Now. I print every page and read a dozen times a day.

Nadia N.

I’m on day 24 – I’m finding it helps me to do these days a few times over. I’ve been going along with the days and then going back to the previous 3 days and rereading and relistening.  This is the first 40 day practice I’ve done where I don’t feel immense pressure. I take time daily to read and listen, take notes on what you say and then sometimes take my own notes. I’ve never taken the time to actually articulate my boundaries I’m currently sitting in front of my notebook trying to start. I’ve been trying to watch my blame (the best game I play!) So I can notice when/where/with who I’m constantly blaming  – now I’m looking at integrity.

Verred H.

I just finished growUP, and it is Magical – Thank you!

Andreea D.

I’m on day 8 of growUP… the forgiveness practice was emotional and I’m really appreciating my new awareness about boundaries.  I feel like it’s “working” if you know what I mean. I’ve been putting reminders in my phone about the questions and different reminders.

Dayna G.

I love YOU. And I am thanking you.  upwards has helped me and everyone I have been sending it to. “Look into the past but don’t stare.
Really got me today. Thank you!

Grace H.

Attention.  I am paying attention to upwards.  I am so grateful and so clear. I love it. Thank you.

Paul H.

I just settled into LookUp and your words Ally ring my bell so clearly, thank you.

Kristin C.

Really great stuff. I went to BreakUP first but looking forward to Listen next. You’ve gathered so many touching podcasts and readings. It’s just what I needed.

Jess C

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