Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Initiation?

Initiations are rites of passages used across time and cultures to honor and evolve one stage of life into another. It isn’t easy to change and let go of familiar and known ways. To engage in a personal initiation is an acknowledgement that a new skill set is required to step more fully into the story you came to live. Initiations are ways we can ritualize and choose to embrace the discomfort that comes with change. They help us look to time-tested teachings to help live into the questions with discipline and faith. A true initiation will always meet you where you are, and never leave you where it found you.

You didn’t ask, but we thought we should mention:
  1. This work is best done with curiosity, a gentle approach and as much humor as possible.
  2. If you break your commitment, begin again. 
  3. Judgment never heals, love does. Make these programs an act of love. 
  4. We believe you and everyone you’ve ever met is born as a promise from life. Create yourself and your life as a work of art.
  5. Treat these programs like a map not a dogma. Build your inner-authority.
  6. Discomfort, confusion, resistance and provocation are all welcome here. What do they say, growth happens outside of your comfort zone? Ya, something like that. Be more interested in the truth rather than your comfort.
  7. Hold the possibility for change. Miracles are all around. 
  8. Life can be tough, as a practice, keep your head and your heart up.
What does it mean to “go in and go up”?

It’s a way to encourage everyone to look within. One must do the work to move through old and suppressed emotions, to take responsibility for their choices, and to give up victimhood and blame. Life is an inside job. You are creating your reality. Make it a beautiful one.

When I buy the full series, can I choose which module I begin with?

Yes.  Once you purchase you will create a profile to select which initiation you would like to begin with.  You will then begin receiving emails for that module every day for 40 days.

Which program do I begin with?

They are all designed to work together in no particular order.  Determine what you need the most by reading through the overviews, use your intuition and how you feel.

growUP is the most tactical of all of the modules. If you need practical tools, and structure to initiate your work, this is a great choice. 

breakUP is designed for, but is not exclusive to heartbreak. If you haven’t connected with your heart in a while and need to bring the love back, begin here. 

listenUP is for a spinning mind. Meditation, contemplation, presence will help you get quiet and clear. 

lookUP is when you need to remember who you really are. If you’re feeling disconnected from the Big, subsequently feeling too small, start here.

Once I have purchased the series, will all of the content be available to me?

Because of the sheer amount of content, you will want to go through the programs one at a time. With integration, this is a year’s worth of inner work and there’s no rush because there’s really nowhere else to be.

Can I take more time if I need it?

When you compete a module, you will have the option to choose which one you do next. Take as much time between modules as you need to integrate. Your login will give you permanent access to the private page. Some modules you may choose to do more than once, again, all content will be available to you online.

Do you offer refunds?

Nope. Sorry.

What’s up with the gold?

There is a japanese art form, Kintsugi, that mends precious objects, once broken, with liquid gold. We have come to understand, many of us are stronger in the broken places. Like Leonard Cohen wrote, “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.  These programs treat everything that happens as an opportunity to awaken.

Why 40 days? What if I don’t finish?

What nine months does for the embryo, forty early mornings will do for your growing awareness – Sufi saying. 

In spiritual and mystical traditions, 40 days have been accounted for repeatedly as the amount of time it takes, with intention, to ascend to higher levels of awareness. We believe consistent effort, with heart, over a period of time gets results. It is a good practice in life to finish what you start.

Can I gift this to someone I know?

For sure. You can gift individually or as the full series. When you sign up just put in the recipients name and information, pay for the content with your credit card. You can then gift them the password to the account and they will always be able to reset the password as they desire.  They will receive the welcome email. 

Does my access expire?

Nope. We hope this site is a treasure chest for you. Come back again and again to the modules and the More Gold Resources page.

Life can be tough, what if I get overwhelmed?

We are going to ask you to flex different muscles, so to speak. If there is a concept you don’t understand, or isn’t relevant to your life, leave it.  Things take as much time as they take. 

This is not meant to be assimilated in one sitting. It’s a process. Some questions won’t get answers, but in our experience, we find what we are looking for. We request that you devote yourself to journaling as a spiritual practice throughout these initiations. 

This approach may be different than others, in that you will not be guided to synthesize the information each day by writing lists, or the three things you can do etc.

The teachings are the teachings. 

Dedicate a notebook, Read. Stop. Write down what you need to understand and repeat out loud. Make notes. Meditate on a sentence. Ask yourself questions. Listen and wait for clarity.

Is there additional support available?

Definitely. Each module has a private FaceBook group. You are granted access upon purchase.It is a place to share your experience with others going through a similar process. Visit the More Gold section in the menu for a highly curated list of resources from many different traditions. 

This is simply a navigation system to uplift and inspire you. If you are in need of real psychological help, please seek a professional.

What if I am religious and dedicated to my tradition?

Welcome. Our hope is that it makes your faith to what you devote yourself to even stronger. We are not interested in telling you what to believe. If your tradition and beliefs can’t withstand inquiry and curiosity, chances are they aren’t going to be able to meet you in your darker times. Keep an open mind, it’ll open your heart.

What if I don’t want to receive emails every day?

We don’t recommend this as the daily messages are meant to keep you on track and set your perspective for the day, but we get it. You can opt out of the daily emails by clicking unsubscribe at the foot of any day and instead visit the module site each day.

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