Let me fall if I must fall. The one I will become will catch me. Baal Shem Tov

Life changing moments happen when things that shaped who we had to be, came into conflict with who we are here to be. 

Learn how to feel, how to deal and how to heal. Practical, tactical and strategic ways to help you mature and mentor yourself to show up and get real. growUP is a 40-day program to learn yourself and love yourself.


The first ten days: 
• cultivate a healthy relationship to yourself
get present, back in your body and learn how to feel and how to deal
quiet your inner critic
build self-trust, self-respect and self-worth

The next ten days: 
• update your personal narrative and beliefs
understand the programming and patterns that limit your free will
break up with concepts that are keeping you small and hidden

The third ten days: 
• develop your relationships to others
boundaries and the rules you will not break
• find your power center

give up victimhood and blame

The last ten days:
• refine your relationship to your vision
figure out what you want
build your energy to match your dream
• action is the cure for fear


Everyday of this process is different. Audio clips, readings and exercises come daily. As with anything, the effort you put into it will determine what you get out of it. 

Every 10 days you will integrate and let it all be.

All content is hosted on the website. You are welcome to jump to any day that provides you the insight and approach you need. 

Some days will speak directly to you, others won’t. This process, at times will please you and provide comfort, other times it  will be more confrontational and provocative. Find your truth, trust the process and let life take care of the rest.


 Audio teachings, tools and practices sent daily. 
 Access to a highly-curated library of teachers, resources and More Gold.
 The most strategic, practical and tactical of all of the upwards modules.
 Invitation to a private Facebook group for support and community.
 Lifetime access to all content.

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