We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. Anaïs Nin

Quiet your mind and bring your intuition online.  listenUP is the call to replace distraction with discipline, avoidance with  awareness, and conditioning with choice.


• If you are new to meditation and practices of awareness, this will teach you how.

• If you are a long time practitioner, this will help you navigate what arises when you observe the mind.

• If you are seeking silence and stillness beneath mental noise and chaos or if you are feeling stuck, this will teach you to listen to your inner voice. 

• Learn time-tested tools from many traditions to build your own protocols. 

• Update your subconscious mind which governs reactive behaviours.


Every day of this process is different. Some days offer a quick read while others require time spent journaling, contemplating, meditating, and in prayer.

A daily meditation commitment is strongly suggested. 

Every 7 days you will integrate and let it all be.

In addition to daily emails & audio, all content is hosted on the website. You are welcome to go forward or back to any day that provides you the insight you need.  

These teachings cover a lot of ground. This program is a guide, a shift in perspective, and a pattern interruptor.  The process at times will please you and provide comfort, other times it will be more confrontational and provocative. The present moment is a generous and miraculous place. Give yourself to this process and trust it.


 40 daily practices and perspective shifts
 Audio meditations
 Access to a highly-curated library of teachers, resources and More Gold
 Invitation to a private Facebook group for support and community
 Lifetime access to all content

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