The further I wake into this life, the more I realize that God is everywhere and the extraordinary is waiting quietly beneath the skin of all that is ordinary. Mark Nepo

To align yourself with Spirit is to honor what is present, sacred and in motion. Cultivate a spiritual practice and a connection to Source Energy. Devote yourself to Love, and learn the language of prayer.


• If you’re complaining, lost, feeling disconnected from the natural world, lookUP. If you believe that you have no intrinsic value when you’re neither producing nor contributing, lookUP. If you want to know how to serve this new world, lookUP.

• lookUP uses spiritual and mystical teachings from many traditions to help you see yourself and your life with clarity and perspective.

• This program respects all religions and traditions and is for anyone wanting to build their own relationship with the Ground of Being inside.

This program will not teach you what to believe, nor does it ask you to believe in anything, really. We encourage doubt and discernment as tools to help reclaim an authentic relationship to your Source.

• You are offered a spiritual tool kit to help you navigate difficult and confusing times. 


Everyday of this process is different. Some days are a quick read while others will require more time journaling, contemplating, meditating, and in prayer. 

Every 7 days you will integrate and let it all be.

In addition to daily emails, all content is hosted on the website. You are welcome to go forward or back to any day that provides you the insight and practical approach you need. 

Some days will speak directly to you, others won’t. This process at times will please you and provide comfort, other times it will be more confrontational and provocative. Trust the process. Commit yourself to the power of love. Watch the Mystery unfold.


40 daily practices and perspective shifts.
 Audio meditations & prayers,
 Access to a highly-curated library of teachers, resources and More Gold
 Invitation to a private Facebook group for support and community.
 Lifetime access to all content.

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