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Susan Piver – 4 Noble Truths

Byron Katie –  I Need Your Love (Is That True)

Marianne Williamson – From Tears to Triumph

Eartha Kitt – Fall In Love With You

Pia Mellody – Original Boundaries

Sharon Salzberg – Love is Not Earned

Byron Katie – Mind Your Business

Pia Mellody – External Approval

Carolyn Myss – Why People Don’t Heal



John Kabat- Zinn – Compassion

Tara Brach – Meeting Our Edge And Softening

Tara Brach – Edgelessness

Sharon Salzburg – Love is an Ability

Wayne Dyer – Finding Real Love

Abraham Hicks – It’s a New Day

Gary & Linda Zukov Oprah – Spiritual Partnership

The Moth – Not For The Faint of Heart

Alan Watts – There Are No Wrong Feelings

Bruce Lipton – A Message of Love

Self Inquiry

Byron Katie – The Work (Worksheet)

Rob Bell – The One About Boundaries

Byron Katie – The End of Suffering 1-4

Lauren Zander – Theories about Yourself

Joe Dispenza – Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

Carolyn Myss – Healing

Abraham Hicks – Stop Telling Your Story

Esther Perel – Looking To Your Partner to Be Everything

Melody Beattie – Co-Dependency (pt. 1)

Melody Beattie – Co-Dependency (pt. 2)

Jay Z – Compassion & Vulnerability (pt. 1)

Michael Singer & Tony Robbins – Triggers

Adi Jaffe – Hurt and Transformation

Tara Brach – Spiritual Reparenting

RAIN Technique

Michael Singer – The Untethered Soul

Gabor Mate – Compassionate Inquiry

Tara Brach – Equanimity

Tara Brach – Listening with an Awake Heart

Abraham Hicks – Seeking Approval

Joe Dispenza – Mind – Body Connection

Charles Eisenstein – Moving Toward Interbeing

Parker Palmer- Living An Undivided Life

Joe Dispenza – Emotional Maturity


Mark Nepo – 7,000 Ways to Listen

David Lynch – Consciousness & Creativity

On Being: John O’Donohue – The Inner Landscape of Beauty

Alan Watts – Present Moment Awareness

Josh Radnor – The RobCast Quoting Life

Parker Palmer – Gratitude

Imagination – John O’ Donohue

Joe Dispenza – Gratitude

Abraham Hicks – Become What You Want

Alan Watts – Miracles

Known Universe

Above & Beyond: Elena Brower – Spoken Word

Julia Cameron – The Artist’s Way

Abraham Hicks – Everything You Want is Coming

Marina Abramovic – The Space In Between

Elena Brower – Refining Your Broadcast

Tanis Fishman – Yoga Nidra

Joe Dispenza – How Meditation Changes Your Brain

Carolyn Myss – A Prayer for the Journey Inward

Adyashanti – Grounded Being

Binaural Beats

Ray Dalio – Principles

Handel Group – Difficult Conversations

Neville Goddard – States


Richard Rohr – God is not a man in the Sky

Another Name For Everything: Richard Rohr – Respect, Wonder & Reverence

Allan Watts – How to Connect to your Higher Self

Micheal Meade – Embodiment Matters

Richard Rohr – Image and Likeness

Wayne Dyer – Living the Story Written in Your Soul

Cheryl Strayed – A Bigger Version of God

OnBeing: David Whyte – Nature of Reality

G.I. Gurdjieff – Energy

Abraham Hicks – Release What Does Not Serve You

Caroline Myss – Holy Language of the Soul

Carolyn Myss & Oprah – Prayer is Not Transactional

Ilia Delio – God, Evolution and the Power of Love

Carolyn Myss – A Prayer for the Journey Inward

Rest in Natural Great Peace

Carolyn Myss – Grace

Richard Rohr – Contemplative Prayer

Neville Goddard – Prayer

Carolyn Myss – How to Pray

Gregg Braden – Prayer


Tara Brach – Beyond the Fear Body PT 1 & 2

On Being: Parker Palmer – Depression

On Being: Rachel Naomi Remen – Healing vs. Fixing

Byron Katie – The End of Suffering Pt. 1

Byron Katie – The End of Suffering Pt. 2

Byron Katie – The End of Suffering Pt. 3

Byron Katie – The End of Suffering Pt. 4

Mooji – The Need for a Partner

Byron Katie – Forgiveness

Gabor Mate – Who We Are When We Are Not Addicted

Omid Safi – Radical Love

Sunday is Coming

On Being: Gregory Orr – Shaping Language with Grief

Terry Tempest Williams – Find Beauty in a Broken World

Russell Brand – Breakdown to Breakthrough

Sheryl Sandberg – Resilience and Gratitude

Abraham Hicks – The Path of Least Resistance

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